★ Limited Government Conservative ★

Jasper is a Limited-Government Conservative who believes the proper role of state government is to protect our liberties, not meddle in our lives.

★ Fight Back Against Biden’s Extreme Agenda ★

From killing thousands of jobs with the stroke of a pen and recommitting the U.S. to disastrous agreements that benefit Communist China, to pledging to raise taxes and threatening our Constitutional Rights, Joe Biden’s extreme liberal agenda is bad for America, and its bad for Missouri. Jasper is committed to leading the fight against federal overreach from the Biden administration at every turn.

★ Secure Our Elections ★

To have a functional democracy, we must have secure elections. Jasper supports paper ballots, photo ID, and other measures necessary to eliminate the possibility of fraud and ensure public confidence in our elections, without inhibiting any citizen’s right to cast a ballot.

★ Defend the Second Amendment ★

Our individual right to keep and bear arms is vital to the maintenance of a free and safe society. Jasper opposes any measure that would limit or revoke the rights of  law-abiding gun owners in any way. He supports the Second Amendment Preservation Act, sponsored by Rep. Davidson and Rep. Taylor, to prevent the enforcement of Biden, Schumer and Pelosi’s federal gun control schemes within the borders of the state of Missouri.

★ Protect the Unborn ★

Jasper is 100% Pro-Life and supports Missouri’s Heartbeat Law, signed by Gov. Parson in 2019. He believes that taxpayer money should never be used to finance abortion, or any entity that performs abortions.

★ Fiscal Responsibility ★

Just as we must balance our own budgets, the state government is required to balance theirs. Jasper opposes the creation of any unnecessary new government program that would necessitate a tax increase or cut into the money budgeted for key priorities like education and infrastructure.

★ Fix Our Education System ★

As a graduate of Missouri's Public School System, Jasper is committed to fixing the problems plaguing our schools, including stopping the use of Marxist-derived "Critical Race Theory" and pornographic materials in the classroom. He believes we must increase accountability and transparency so that parents know what their children are being taught, and have the ability to do something about it if administrators or policymakers won't act.

No More Mandates ★

The unfortunate reality is, when politicians and bureaucrats give themselves new powers to deal with an emergency, they have a hard time letting go of them. Jasper will sponsor legislation to prevent any county or municipal government from abusing the precedent set by the COVID-19 pandemic in the future, by banning any future "Emergency Health Order" that would shut down businesses, impose a lockdown, or require masks. Enough is enough.

★ Cryptocurrency ★

With the Biden administration's sky-high inflation destroying the value of the dollar, Missourians deserve options. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have demonstrated the power of technology in creating a decentralized alternative to the dollar that is immune from government or big-tech tampering. Jasper believes that Missouri can and should be the Cryptocurrency Capitol of America, and will work to create a favorable environment for crypto innovators, miners, and users. 


★★★ Keep Missouri Great ★★★

President Donald Trump inspired the nation with the message that we must stand up to protect the things that make America great- our Constitution, our history, our system of free enterprise – from those who seek to replace them with the evils of socialism, political correctness, cancel culture, and an America-last mentality. Just as we must fight to Keep America Great, we must protect Missouri as well. I ask you to join me in this effort by signing up below, and to consider making a contribution to support my campaign. Together, we can stop the radical left and Keep Missouri Great.

- Jasper Logan